​​​​​​​​​​Our  inherent strengths and deficiencies can help us to care for them, so we can capitalize on our strengths while lending a helping hand to our  feebleness

What kind of body do you have for a vehicle and what type of a driver you are.

What do your eyes reveal:

  •  Your Genetic Blueprint
  •  Physical traits that we inherit.
  •  The origins from our family tree.
  •  How diet and lifestyle have an impact on some people
  •  Why others get away with abusing their bodies .

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                an iridology appointment HAS the benefits that will last a lifetime.

The eye show their beautiful colors, markings and pigments
​just like a beautiful butterfly,

"Take Charge Of Your Health and Stay Well"

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​ You send your iris pictures via email  using a digital camera You must  take a  clear close up picture of the left eye and right eye only, The best way is to take the pictures indoors in a room with no natural light  like a hallway with the flash on and focus the camera around 6 to 8 inches away from  one eye at a time and look directly into the lens. Try using different settings for a clear sharp picture the size should be 1500 px or larger in jpeg format.

Using your iphone or ipad, Android or Smartphone
:Put the flash on and hold the camera a little bit away from the eye tap the eye so it focuses ( you will see that focus box ) then take the picture, zoom in on the picture you took and then quickly press down on the top button and the home button at the same time.  This will enlarge and capture the defined picture of the iris.

Really Easy,  

​   Your iris pictures should look like this photo very defined and clear.

​Then email them to me with 3 days and times that are convenient for you for your consult via phone.


  Preventive Health With Iridology Life LLC


What is Iridology & How can it help me?

Iridology is the Science and Art of  the iris,

the colored portion of the eye.   

The eye is the most complex tissue structure in the human anatomy.  The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by the way of the brain and central nervous system through the optic nerve.  The optic nerve connects to the central nervous system (CNS) which is the main communication link to everything that goes on in the body.  

Think of your brain as the hard drive, your iris is like the file, so reading the iris to find out what is going on in the body is like reading the computer screen to access what is in a computer.  

Have you ever wondered why you have such interesting colors and patterns in your eyes?  An Iridologist  understands the meanings of the colors, patterns, markings  and structure in the Iris.

Iridology is a screening tool used to detect individual dispositions. The color and patterns of approximately 28,000 iris fibers can determine underlying inherent organ and tissue weakness,  Whether or not you develop this inherent potential to the best or worst scenario is influenced by the way you eat, drink, think, live and love as Toni Miller would say. 

The iris will show either potential strength

or deficiency in each body system.

The iris reveals the efficiency of various zones, such as the nutritive, (stomach, bowels, liver, gallbladder, pancreas), the four defensive channels of elimination ( the lungs, urinary tract, bowels and skin ). The humoral or body fluids (blood and lymph) the muscular, skeletal, glandular and respiratory systems.   Various markings in various zones in degrees of varying shades and colors reveal the actual  pathways and causes of the end result which manifests as a symptom, a compensation.  The iris as a whole represents the entire genetic make-up.   The iris more importantly reveals a persons strengths, and it is these strengths, which must be supported to slow the onset of these deficiencies domination.  Symptoms are the bodies message of disharmony and more reaction, until the organ or tissue or system are forced to slow down or discontinue to function at all.  The iris reveals this through varying degrees  of shading or darkness's, light or whiteness reflects heightened reactivity and darkness  reflect lowered  resistance.  Hyper/Hypo!  Harmony is balance of the whole body, all systems, all the organs, all the tissue, and all the mind., (Homeostasis) 

Another fascinating part of iridology is the revelation of the neurological conditions revealed thru circularity of the pupil and collarette , a change in the nervous system.  Deviations of circularity reflect the condition of the spine and nervous system.

Iridology identifies inherited genetic predispositions that negatively or positively can affect one's health, as the iris shows which systems of the body are the least and which are the most resilient. During an  iris  a certified session a practitioner can help you to identify which areas of the body cannot withstand a lot of abuse and which areas are stronger, because truly, we do not have to “get” inherited health problems, from our parents. Once these genetically potentially feeble areas have been identified, we can make health & lifestyle changes to improve their functioning. At the same time, we can identify our strongest functioning parts of the body, those that we can depend upon to carry us through periods of stress, keeping the body in harmony and balanced functioning.

Your Health is Your Biggest Asset.

The Iris provides a wealth of useful information to help you understand your interior world and help transform and improve your current state of health and well-being on many levels. Iridology is a noninvasive, painless, inexpensive, assessment tool . Your Health Is Your Greatest Asset ! Iridology reveals physical traits that we inherit, and the impact our lifestyle has on our physical health. An Iridologist explores areas within the body that are strong and areas of potential deficiencies through the levels of inflammation, acidity, congested lymph, and toxicity in the body and also the efficiency of the eliminatory organ.


Have you ever wondered how your Iris was formed- why you have a unique blueprint, just like your fingerprint, that no one else in the world has.

No two eyes are the same not even your own.


As an embryo the eye develops as a part of the brain and in the process of continual development the eye separates  leaving a connection to the optic and spinal nerves. Therefore,  the fiber changes in any organ or any part of the body are projected through the iris via the brain. 


The iris is estimated to contain 28,000 nerve endings.
The optic nerve is a bundle of about 1 million nerve fibers
The pupil border is made of brain, nerve and spinal chord tissue
The tissue of the eye is nourished by 33 separate arteries. 
All organs in the body are receiving impulses through the optic nerve and the spinal cord.
This is how  an iris analysis  can  detect what is  happening  in all the body systems.