"Nutritional Health Evalutation"





Have you ever been confused standing in front of thousands of supplements to
choose from, knowing you should take something.

  • Trying to figure out which ones are right for you but not knowing what.
  • Spending money and not knowing if it’s helping you or hurting you. 
  • If you’re even assimilating any of them.
  • Do you ask yourself which foods are better for me? Remember we are all so unique with different deficiencies, weaknesses and food sensitivities.   

With your Nutri- Body Evaluation you will receive:

An analysis of 65 nutritional categories
A color graph prioritizing weaknesses
Items of concern, prioritized
Items to watch, prioritized
Explanation of weakness
Dietary guidelines

​Guess work is over.

Take Charge Of Your Health & Well Being

What Are Your Nutritional Needs?

The Nutri-Body evaluation is one of the most effective tools of its kind. It measures bio chemical individuality and has been said to be more reliable than lab tests for Nutrients in the body.It is also referred to as Nutritional symptomatology which is a reliable way to determine one’s nutritional status. It can pinpoint nutritional deficiencies and inadequacies that other methods may miss.This analysis involves you and your own health care and gives you valuable information to help you build and maintain your health. The analysis takes about 30– 40 minutes to complete. It asks questions about possible symptoms that can relate to Nutritional imbalances. It is the most effective way to know and get your Nutritional Needs in balance.


This Health Analysis focuses on what is most important, like  imbalances to help pinpoint your bodies primary weaknesses, some of which include:  Underactive or Overactive Thyroid,  Adrenals, Low or High Stomach Acid,  Liver/Gallbladder,  Kidney/Bladder, Pancreas, Intestinal  Malabsorption,  Circulatory, Candidiasis,  P.M.S, Alleries, Gonads, Vitamins and Minerals, Mercury, Toxic Chemicals, and to many more to list                             

                                       This Is Our Body’s Process:  (Digestion – Absorption –Utilization - Distribution – Elimination)
                                                  This Nutritional Assessment from Nutri Body will answer those question and more


    For more infomation:  Email:  info@iridologylife.com

Upon payment, you will receive the Nutri- Body Analysis directly to your email, when your finished, it will send it directly back to us, then we will send you back your results and set a time and date to go over if you like but it is self explanatory,  

    It’s that easy for a priceless report about you and what foods to eat more of and which ones to stay away from.  You will also save money and confusion on what supplements if any you should be taking.










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