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"Health & Wellness  is not given: It is earned!!

 Sometimes we need to make some minor changes to Stay Well"

Nutritional Wellness

A company I trust who has  Integrity & Quality  

​​Cardiovascular Health

Candida Diet Cleansing Program

Diabetes Diet Break your sugar and starch addiction

Gluten Free Plan

Wheat Free Diet

Juicing Reference

Nutritional Support of the Gallbladder

Thyroid Foods to Avoid

The Great Physician and Liver Cleanse

At Iridology Life, we never diagnose a disease and we never prescribe, that is for the medical field only.

Iridology is the best assessment tool to determine your:

  •  Health level
  •  Inherited relationship to dispositions and reactions 
  • Where inflammation is present
  • If any part of your body is overactive or underactive
  • Understanding your personal blueprint.
  • Where genetic predispositions are in your body systems.
  • Preventive Help that is Historically Known to Stay Well.


Natural Beauty

What We Use On Our Skin Should Be Free Of Toxins. Remember Our Skin Is LIke Our Third Kidney.

Use All Natural, Pure and Organic Free from all Chemicals and Toxins

The company I use is:

Lemongrass Spa Products

Email me for details

The Natural Way

Skin Brushing: Why Its Important & Why We Should Do It.

Deep Breathing For Anxiety: This is The Least Expensive Most Portable Method For Controlling Anxiety.

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Simple Tests To Take Email me the results at or bring them with you for your Iridology Session

Something so simple can tell you so much


pH Test 



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pH Test     Thyroid Test   Candida Test

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Intake Forms


7 Hidden Heart Attack and Stroke Risks
 Break the Sugar and Starch Addiction:
The Benefits of Eating Fruits and also Recipes



The Circulatory System
Your Overworked Liver
Simple Herbs For Indigestion
Foods for Pain Relief
 Are Parasites Having a Cocktail Party in Your Intestinal Tract?


Companies I Trust and Use

Please email or call me so I can place your order if interested in any of the below companies, or 954.415.6359

Nature Sunshine  Products
Nutritional Wellness  

Young Living Essential Oils 


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This is another screening that every woman should consider taking:


​​              Radiation-free, compression-free, thermography IS the most valuable screening tool today.