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​​​​​​​ In Person Seminar for:  Comprehensive Iridology Course

Nancy Rondone, CCII, CHNC, CH,

This is a complete course in Comprehensive Iridology . It covers Level I and Level II required for IIPA Certification. Included in this course of study are the History of Iridology, Iris Colors, Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Iris Position and zones, Lacuna Types, Pigments, Pupil Tonus, Collarette Signs, Contraction Furrow Signs, Sclera Signs, Iris Charts, and Syndromes. Colorful iris photographs with examples of each iris sign are shown.  

This  course is sanctioned with IIPA for students who want to become certified through IIPA  ( International Iridology Practitioners Association )

                            Email: or call 954.415.6359 for seminar information which is given in Florida                                                                                                                                                            



~Animal Iridology Courses Equine,  Dog and Cat Iridology (Canine-Feline Iridology) Basic Introduction to Canine and Feline Iridology - Correspondence Course – $459.00 Canine and Feline Iridology Course Materials Included: Canine and Feline Iridology – Introduction (Workbook Level 1) is a beautiful complete color workbook with all the information you need to learn basic Canine and Feline iridology. This book

includes all terminology, iris signs, photos for identification and examples, as well as case studies of dogs and cats based on iris signs. Instructiona

l videos of performing Canine Feline Iridology A Canine-Feline Iris Analysis Chart Also included are examples of terminology, analysis techniques, as

well as histories and case studies of dog and cat eyes. The Canine Feline Iridology Correspondence Course fee is $459.00 CAD plus shipping and

taxes if applicable (Shipping fees are estimated before checkout) To register for the course, an Iridology Correspondence Course Registration Form

must be filled out.  Once the payment and registration form are received, we will send you a confirmation of receipt and the additional course materials


                 Animal Feline Canine or Horse Iridology                 by Georgina Cyt                                   An Iridology Assessment for Animals is $89 

                                                                                                                                                                 for a  full analysis with recommendations.


Books, Charts, Magnifying glasses, Camera's, are all available,            

Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor CD-ROM Course



Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII    Online Course

This is a complete course in Comprehensive Iridology filmed live in the classroom with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. It covers Level I and Level II required for IIPA Certification.

Included in this course of study are Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Lacuna Types, Pigments, Pupil Tonus, Collarette Signs, Contraction Furrow Signs, Sclera Signs, and

Syndromes. Colorful iris photographs with examples of each iris signs.

This is the perfect course for students who cannot travel to a live seminar and desire to learn iridology and become certified through IIPA at home. It is also a great program

for those who wish to continue to review iridology after they have attended an iridology seminar.    9 DVD's 

 $400 course   


Camera's, Software,  Books and Maps also Available 

Children's Health and Wellness Course



All of our Iridology Courses are approved by IIPA ( International Iridology Practitioner Association )

Available in Nixon and Cannon 

The eyePIX Handheld Iridology Camera is a small, light & portable Iridology Camera which is excellent for the travelling Iridologist or Practitioner. If you are looking for a Camera that doesn't take up to much room in your office it is also ideal.

Most importantly the eyePIX Handheld is easy to use and takes sharp high quality Iridology images at an affordable price for the professional Iridologist. The eyePIX Handheld can be used for Iridology, Sclerology & Animal Iridology.


Every Iridologist has their own expectations of what is the proper lighting for Iridology. One Iridologist might prefer stronger lighting for a brighter image whereas another might prefer weaker lighting for a darker image. With the eyePIX Handheld you can adjust the lighting to your personal preference. The strength of the lighting will have an effect on the appearance of the iris and with a simple adjustment you can choose what is best for you. Please check this link for 4 examples. Stronger lighting can be ideal for seeing more detail in the Iris and is excellent for dark brown irises. Weaker lighting can be ideal for not bleaching out the Sclera for a better Sclera image. Whatever your preference is you can adjust the power of the lighting to what suits you with a simple adjustment.

Taking an Iris Image

With the eyePIX Handheld there are 3 options for taking an iris image. 1. The View Finder can be used. 2. In Live View Mode the LCD Screen can be used to take the image. 3. With a HDMI Cable an image can be taken through a TV Monitor as shown below. Here I'm doing some testing with a Glass Eye.

- Specially designed Lighting for Iridology with Flash for True Colour Images
- Twin Side Lighting
- Lensing specially setup for Iridology 
DSLR Canon Camera
- With adjustable settings it's excellent for taking all irises including Dark Brown Irises
- Light, Small & Portable 
- Easy to Use
CANON 18 megapixel eyePIX Handheld
Price: $1499  ON SALE: $1399 US Dollars
For a Sample Image & more information click here

NIKON 24.2 megapixel eyePIX Handheld
Price: $1599 US Dollars
For a Sample Image & more information click here

CANON 24.2 megapixel eyePIX Handheld
Price: $1990  ON SALE: $1890 US Dollars

Optional Extras

New Series 2 Iridology Camera Stand: $850 US Dollars (usually $990)

Iridology Station 5.2: $299 US Dollars (usually $499)

Carry Case: $150 US Dollars
Carry Case for eyePIX Handheld & Stand: $200 US Dollars

HDMI Cable to connect the Camera to a Monitor: $25 US Dollars

The eyePIX Handheld was designed by Samuel R Kennedy an Iridologist and Naturopath who founded Iris Supplies in 1998 and has over 30 years' experience in the development of Iridology Cameras.

To make an Order email Iris Supplies at 

Their website address:

Email: Iridology Life for more details                    ( ) and pictures if needed or go directly to their website.

Tell them Iridology Life referred you.


​$275 T+ $15 Shipping .

For more information please contact us



The International Iridology Practitioner Association is the best accrediting body for Iridology  in the World.  

IIPA is an organization for Iridology                                                                                                                                                                      


"Our Certified Educational Courses" 

Iridology Course's  We are sanctioned and A member in good standing with IIPA

IIPA Certified (International Iridology Practitioners Association}


 IIPA carries on the work of the earlier National Iridology Research Association.

Iridology Level l and Level ll Courses taught in person or Online

Email for Course Dates at:

We also  provide courses to further your education.  You can take these 

courses on your own time, at your home or business, wherever you choose. 

 Courses in:

Anatomy & Physiology / Sclerolgy  / Homeopathic / Health & Nutrition 

Herbal Course   / Aroma Therapy /  Colon Course / Fertility Course Women's,  Health or

Men's Health Course     Children's  Health & Wellness /  Muscle Test Course 

Weight Loss Class

 These Courses are certified and approved and offer CEC's 
through the Board of Registered Nursing. Provider No. 13837. 

Once your  email is received you will receive the full description

of the course and the registration form

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you! 

Women's Health Course:

     Also Men's Health Course

Anatomy & Physiology Course                                                    Sclerology