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Schedule an iris session online, via phone and email. HOW IT WORKS:​

 You send your iris pictures via email  using a digital camera You must  take a  clear close up picture of the left eye and right eye only, The best way is to take the pictures indoors in a room with no natural light  like a hallway with the flash on and focus the camera around 6 to 8 inches away from  one eye at a time and look directly into the lens. Try using different settings for a clear sharp picture the size should be 1500 px or larger in jpeg format.

​Using your iphone or ipad, Android or Smartphone:Put the flash on and hold the camera a little bit away from the eye tap the eye so it focuses ( you will see that focus box ) then take the picture, zoom in on the picture you took and then quickly press down on the top button and the home button at the same time. Really Easy,  ​   Your iris pictures should look like these photos very defined and clear.


 Use a camera and a flashlight and take close-up photos of each eye.   How do I do it? 
 Simply shine the flashlight at the outer corner of the eye, and have someone take the photos for you close-up (camera phone or a traditional camera can be used). Do this in a deemed light room. The flashlight will illuminates the eye. 

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