Women's Health Course:  refers to health issues specific to human female anatomy. These often relate to structures such as female genitalia

and breasts or to conditions caused by hormones specific to, or most notable in, females. Women's health issues include menstruation,

contraception, maternal health, child birth, menopause, and breast cancer. They can also include medical situations in which women face

problems not directly

related to their biology, for example gender-differentiated access to medical treatment. This course is designed to teach you about your body and

how to keep it healthy as you live your life to its fullest.


Also Men's Health Course

Anatomy & Physiology Course

 Learn Human Development, Genetics, Body Organization, Cells, Tissues, Membranes, Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, Endocrine, Reproductive, Blood, Heart, Vascular, Lymphatic and Immunity, Senses, Body Temperature, Metabolism, Fluid-

Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance. Course is certified and approved and offers 40 CECs through the Board of Registered Nursing –

Provider No. 13837

. $300

​​​​​​ In Person Seminar for:  Comprehensive Iridology Course

Nancy Rondone, CCII, CHNC, CH,

This is a complete course in Comprehensive Iridology . It covers Level I and Level II required for IIPA Certification. Included in this course of study are the History of Iridology, Iris Colors, Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Iris Position and zones, Lacuna Types, Pigments, Pupil Tonus, Collarette Signs, Contraction Furrow Signs, Sclera Signs, Iris Charts, and Syndromes. Colorful iris photographs with examples of each iris sign are shown.  

Join us for Level l on November 9th, 10th  and  Level ll on November 16th, 17th &18th.  Limited space, register by  October 7th 2017

This  course is sanctioned with IIPA for students who want to become certified through IIPA  ( International Iridology Practitioners Association )

                            Email: info@iridologylife.com or call 954.415.6359 for seminar information which is given in Florida                                                                                                                                                            



~Animal Iridology Courses Equine,  Dog and Cat Iridology (Canine-Feline Iridology) Basic Introduction to Canine and Feline Iridology - Correspondence Course – $459.00 Canine and Feline Iridology Course Materials Included: Canine and Feline Iridology – Introduction (Workbook Level 1) is a beautiful complete color workbook with all the information you need to learn basic Canine and Feline iridology. This book

includes all terminology, iris signs, photos for identification and examples, as well as case studies of dogs and cats based on iris signs. Instructiona

l videos of performing Canine Feline Iridology A Canine-Feline Iris Analysis Chart Also included are examples of terminology, analysis techniques, as

well as histories and case studies of dog and cat eyes. The Canine Feline Iridology Correspondence Course fee is $459.00 CAD plus shipping and

taxes if applicable (Shipping fees are estimated before checkout) To register for the course, an Iridology Correspondence Course Registration Form

must be filled out.  Once the payment and registration form are received, we will send you a confirmation of receipt and the additional course materials


                 Animal Feline Canine or Horse Iridology                 by Georgina Cyt                                   An Iridology Assessment for Animals is $89 

                                                                                                                                                                 for a  full analysis with recommendations.


Books, Charts, Magnifying glasses, Camera's, are all available,            


The International Iridology Practitioner Association is the best accrediting body for Iridology  in the World.  

IIPA is an organization for Iridology                                                                                                                                                                      


Certified Herbology Course~  

Herbs perform many healing functions in the body. Although herbal remedies are less likely to cause side effects, they can be very potent. Since herbs contain active ingredients, some elements might interact negatively with medications. This course is designed to teach you about the safety of herbs and how to use them appropriately. Sessions include: Introduction to herbs, Herbs and their Uses, Action of Herbs, Digestive, Intestinal, Glandular, Nervous, Respiratory, Circulatory, Urinary, Structural,

Immune Systems, Common Ailments, Historical Uses of Herbs, Weight Gain and Loss, Herbs & Surgery, Herbs that should not be used with Medications. Certified and approved and offers 40 CECs through the Board of Registered Nursing –  $300

Provider No. 13837. Certified Herbal Course Certified Advanced Herbal Course Certified Chinese Herbal Course
Chinese Counselor Course - Chinese Herbology is the theory of Traditional Chinese herbal therapy, which accounts for the majority of treatments in Traditional

Chinese medicine (TCM). Traditional Chinese Medicine has its origin in ancient Taoist philosophy which views a person as an energy system in which body and mind are unified, each influencing and balancing the other. Unlike allopathic medicine which attempts to isolate and separate a disease from a person, Chinese Medicine

emphasizes a holistic approach that treats the whole person. Many people have found Traditional Chinese methods of healing to be excellent tools for maintaining optimum health and preventing illness. 


Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor CD-ROM Course

Online and CD-ROM course. The science of nutrition is the study of the nutrients in food and the body’s handling of these nutrients. You are made entirely of what you have eaten. Your skin, which has reliably covered you from the time you were born, is not the same skin that covered you seven ago; it is made entirely of new cells. The fat beneath your skin is not the same fat that was there a year ago. Your oldest red blood cell is only 120 days old, and the entire lining of your digestive tract is renewed every three days. To maintain your “self”, you must continually replenish the energy you burn and replace the cells you lose. This course is designed to teach you about prper nutrition and the role it plays in your health and the health of others.   $300

Courses are Certified and approved and offer CEC's through the board of Registered Nursing - Provider No. 13857                                                            


  Preventive Health  With Iridology Life LLC


Sclerology involves the markings in the whites of the eyes as showing the more current psychophysical developments and changes as health improves or diminishes. Eyology presents unique views of the body. It can provide the healer with valuable health data. How? By allowing insight into those aspects of the person that are likely to be most compromised if the system as a whole (body-mind) is challenged

~~Sclerology BASICS Course on DVD YES, this is the LATEST Sclerology BASICS Course (ALL 12 two-Hour Sessions) on DVD  $500)

The New Sclerology Map is ready! The new Sclerology single Map is now finished and at the printer's--and it's a beauty! Full size and ONLY

$15USD! Place your order now OR wait one more week for the new Sclerology MapBook and order them together (MapBook price not yet established).


$795 + $49 Shipping                                                             $895 on sale for $845 + 49 Shipping

This Iris Camera connects to your laptop

Welcoming our most innovative iridology camera yet! To purchase the Pebble Pro Camera visit www.iridology.nl EyeRone c Australia E leo@care.cc W www.iridology.nl P +614 5243 7225 Meet the EyeRonec Pebble PRO // // LED Brightness Wheel Snap Button Focus Wheel LED Light Control Rotatable Eyecup Rotate ap away from nose to block out false light 2 side-lights for brown eyes 8 lights for blue eyes (Win Only) The Pebble Pro is our latest and most advanced iridology camera yet! It’s so easy to install and use, simple as 1, 2, 3 1. Install of the software on your Windows or use the in-built Photo Booth software on your Mac and you are ready to go! 2. Plug the Pebble Pro into your USB port and you’ll see a Live 5MP Preview on your computer or laptop screen. 3. Place the rotatable eye-cup over your patients eye and take a photo with the snap button (Win) or with the mouse (Mac/Win). YES, it really is that simple! However if you do have any trouble with operating the Pebble camera our support team will do there best to help! We are so confident with the Pebble Camera’s that we now offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE* with all of our Iridology Camera’s. We also include a download of EyeRis Iridology Reporting software* • USB connection to your PC or MAC • True 5MP Sensor • Snap button and brightness control on USB cord (helps reduce camera shake) • 2 Side lights LED’s for true brown eyes • 8 LED’s for Clear images of Blue eyes • Closed System, NO False light to spoil iris photos • Microcapture Software for Windows XP - Vista - Win7 - Win10 • Photobooth Software for MAC OS X10 • Large and Strong focusing wheel • Lifetime Guarantee • Australian Designed - Made


All of our Iridology Courses are approved by IIPA ( International Iridology Practitioner Association )

"Our Certified Educational Courses" 

Iridology Course's  We are sanctioned and A member in good standing with IIPA

IIPA Certified (International Iridology Practitioners Association}


 IIPA carries on the work of the earlier National Iridology Research Association.

Iridology Level l and Level ll Courses taught in person or Online

Email for Course Dates at: info@iridologylife.com

We also  provide courses to further your education.  You can take these 

courses on your own time, at your home or business, wherever you choose. 

 Courses in:

Anatomy & Physiology / Sclerolgy  / Homeopathic / Health & Nutrition 

Herbal Course   / Aroma Therapy /  Colon Course / Fertility Course Women's,  Health or

Men's Health Course     Children's  Health & Wellness /  Muscle Test Course 

Weight Loss Class

 These Courses are certified and approved and offer CEC's 
through the Board of Registered Nursing. Provider No. 13837. 

Once your  email is received you will receive the full description

of the course and the registration form

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you! 


Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII    Online Course

This is a complete course in Comprehensive Iridology filmed live in the classroom with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. It covers Level I and Level II required for IIPA Certification.

Included in this course of study are Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Lacuna Types, Pigments, Pupil Tonus, Collarette Signs, Contraction Furrow Signs, Sclera Signs, and

Syndromes. Colorful iris photographs with examples of each iris signs.

This is the perfect course for students who cannot travel to a live seminar and desire to learn iridology and become certified through IIPA at home. It is also a great program

for those who wish to continue to review iridology after they have attended an iridology seminar.    9 DVD's 

 $400 course   


Camera's, Software,  Books and Maps also Available 

Certified Muscle Testing   $100


Children's Health and Wellness Course

    This Course is designed to teach you about Children's Health including the common diagnoses, treatments, and alternatives available



For more information please contact us