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Nancy Rondone

Email:  info@iridology.com   
Certified iridologist with IIPA

  Preventive Health  With Iridology Life LLC

Nancy Rondone, CHNC, CCII

Certified  Iridologist, Instructor                                          on the Board of Directors 

with the

International Iridology Practitioner Association  

Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor

Herbal and Muscle Testing  

Iridology Life LLC offers: 

Irdology ( Iris Analysis)
Nutriton and Personalized Health Suggestions
IIPA Instructor for Level l and Level ll  Iridology Course and 
 Courses and Classes in Health and Wellness

                 The purpose of Iridology Life is to show people the benefits of personalized health awareness.       

  To enlighten people with the knowledge of Iridology 

                                  To understand  what their eyes reveal about their health.                                
 To offer information about options that are historically known

to be beneficial to stay well with preventive Health options 





          Nancy is certified by IIPA  (International Iridology Practitioners Association)  as a  Comprehensive Iridologist and Instructor on the Board of Directors and a member.

IIPA  ( International  Iridology Practitioners Association)

IIPA:  iridologyassn.org

Nancy Rondone's Biography 

 Certified Instructor and Iridologist with

IIPA, International Iridology Practitioners Association

Ellen Tart Jensen,with Bernard Jensen International,

  California Board of Registered Nursing,

Health and Nutrition, Herbology,

Continued Studies with  
     New Eden School of Natural Healing, 


  Quote   “Your body is your shrine, your sanctuary, the vehicle that carries your soul on the journey we call life”. God created the human body with

a whole set of integrated systems, and filled the earth with everything necessary for those systems to function and for us to survive. 

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it. Psalm 139:14"